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Thomas Morris is currently on air in the Natiuonal Geographicis mini series "Genius" along side Geoffrey Rush directed by Ron Howard.

Thomas is playing the lead im Sky Sharks.

Thomas is on air in the SS-GB with Sam Riley.

NEW GERMAN AGENT! Thomas is now represented by Agentur Wendel!

new videos now on, Schauspielervideos and on imdb!

The German movie Freiland with Thomas in one of the mayor roles is currently in post production.

You can now watch a 15-minute-version of his documentary KLEISTER & PAPIER on the German artist Arndt von Diepenbroick on youtube.

Thomas' reel is now online on youtube

Thomas has joined and is now represented in London by Alexandra McLean-Williams. For more details see

His last book GANZ WEIT DRAUSSEN, a collection of short stories is published since January 07 by Magic Buch Verlag.
Thomas Morris
by novamatrix